Traditional Bohemian-style lagers,
brewed by Czechs, in London

Core Range


Session Pils, 4.0% ABV, IBU 16

An extremely quaffable 4.0% session Pils with a floral aroma. Flavour has a little grapefruit and a touch of sweetness, as well as notes of fresh baked bread, and a building bitterness on the dry, subtly spicy finish.


Vrána – NEW!

Traditional Czech Black Lager, 4.5% ABV, IBU 34

Named after the Czech for crow, Vrána sits in the Bohem portfolio alongside popular dark lager Raven. Hints of Malty richness in the aroma leads to a full flavoured, sweetish character, balanced with gentle Saaz bitter tones. The full, rich mouth feel draws fully on the profile of its Bohemian dark lager cousins.

Amos Bohem Brewery Beer


Czech Pilsner, 4.9% ABV, IBU 20

Our best-selling, classic Czech Pilsner has plenty of body at 4.9%. Floral and citrus notes in the aroma are followed up with subtle lemon and honey in the flavour, beautifully balanced by a dry bitterness and a spicy burst that lingers in the aftertaste.

Sparta Bohem Brewery Beer


Amber lager, 5.4% ABV, IBU 41

The premium amber lager of the family, at 5.4%, with great complexity. Bitterness and hop spice complement the honey and Dundee orange marmalade notes. The aftertaste has orange peel, toffee and a building dry spiciness. This could redefine your views on what constitutes a lager. Sparta is the beer that was the catalyst for our growth, as it was so loved by local drinkers that they backed us with the investment to expand.

Current Seasonal Specials


Saxana – NEW!

Dry-hopped Table Lager, 2.7% ABV, IBU 24

Saxana is named for a beloved Czech children’s character, a good witch. Pin sharp appearance with perfect clarity married to citrus and piney aroma. Its refreshing crispness defeats even the fiercest thirst through a memorable hop bitterness.


Ludo – NEW!

Lime Lager, 4% ABV, IBU 17

In collaboration with Sutton Arms in EC1, one of London’s most acclaimed craft beer pubs, Ludo, is a 4% ABV Czech-style lager, brewed with natural lime extract. Inspired by the citrus character of a classic margarita cocktail, it delivers on both refreshment and flavour. The beer is named after the dog owned by Sutton Arms licensee Jack Duignan, who was in turn named after former West Ham and Czech international goalkeeper Luděk Mikloško, nicknamed Ludo by fans. Beer writer Glynn Davis describes the lager’s flavour: “The immediate hit of zesty summer limes on the nose leads to a refreshing fruit character that punches through a supportive malty backbone. Hints of saltiness and subtle hops contribute some acidity that demands you take another sip.”

Past Seasonal Specials


Table Lager, 2.7% ABV, IBU 13

Low ABV beers really test the brewers’ skills and we are very proud of this, our 2.7% Table Lager. Esteemed beer writer Roger Protz’s tasting notes are “Floral and spicy hops on the nose with honeyed malt and light lemon fruit. Tangy fruit builds on the palate, balanced by spicy hops and bittersweet malt. Dry well balanced finish with those spicy hops, lemon fruit and honeyed malt.” We say it is perfect for lunchtime drinking and summer sessions!



Dry-hopped Lager, 3.9% ABV, IBU 17

Hoppy Hana sees a Citra and Sabro combo give a full-on citrus aroma. Pilsner malt provides the body to an agile 3.9% ABV quaffer. This supports a mouth-watering juice intensity and gives a flavour profile that delivers a thirst-quenching capability but then demands another gulp.

Mamka badge artwork


Session Lager,  4.0% ABV, IBU 12

Brewed in collaboration with renowned craft beer chain Mother Kelly’s, Mamka is a house lager at all their sites. The brief was easy-drinking and sessionable. We hope that we have achieved this with Mamka.



American Lager, 4% ABV, IBU 20

A collaboration lager from London brewers Bohem Brewery and Old Street Brewery (OSB) celebrates one of the Czech Republic’s most famous and best-loved athletes, long-distance runner Emil Zátopek. Emil is a 4% ABV American Lager. The name honours Zátopek, who won three gold medals at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, broke numerous running records, and was nicknamed the “Czech Locomotive”. OSB owner Adam Green is a keen runner, and felt the collaboration with London’s only authentic brewer of Czech-style lagers was the perfect opportunity to celebrate one of his running heroes. Emil is described by beer writer and Bohem shareholder Glynn Davis as having “hints of citrus fruits on the nose, with an initial woody character from the US hops that develops into a piney citrus finish. Emil is packing a big flavour, with a chunky body for its very modest ABV of 4%”.

Henry Bohem Brewery Beer


Session Pils, 4.2% ABV, IBU 29

An extremely quaffable 4.2% session Pils with a sweet butterscotch and floral aroma. Flavour has a little grapefruit and a touch of sweetness, as well as notes of fresh baked bread, and a building bitterness on the dry, subtly spicy finish.

Raven Beer


Lagered Porter, 4.2% ABV, IBU 25

The initial roast coffee aroma gives way to a mildly burnt toffee and chewy profile, all sitting atop a milky creaminess that ensures this beer slips down a treat. But, it still has a depth of body and a substance rarely found in stouts/porters with such a modest ABV. These characteristics are derived from the decoction mash and plentiful addition of oatmeal. Druid’s sessionable younger sibling.

Raleigh Bohem Brewery Beer


Smoked lager, 4.4% ABV, IBU 17

The famous Bamberg smoked lagers are given a Czech twist in this 4.4% beer that hints at smokiness in the aroma, which then subsides to reveal a citrus character,with notes of Earl Grey tea, enhancing the overall profile and drinkability. Zdenek, our co-founder, drinks this with a slice of lemon, but please don’t tell anyone back in Prague!



Czech/German Lager, 4.5% ABV, IBU 10

Just as Bohem are Czechs brewing traditional Czech lagers in London, German Kraft are Germans brewing lager from their country, in the UK’s capital. So, it was great to brew this collaboration with them. The beer is named after Gregor Mendel, the father of genetics and one of the most important scientists of all time. Gregor was German-Czech, just like this lager! This mash-up of the 2 greatest lager styles used Pilsner malt and Saaz hops, and the result is a bit sweeter than our normal Czech beers, and flew out of the door in both German Kraft and Bohem’s various tap-rooms.

Most badge


Dry-Hopped Single Hop Czech Lager, 4.5% ABV, IPU 11

Most is a dual-purpose hop that can used for aroma or bittering. It was developed by Charles Faram & Co Ltd and named Most by the Czech growers, meaning “bridge”, as it was seen as a bridge between the UK and the Czech Republic. As that very much describes the raison d’être of Bohem, with Czech brewers operating in London, we were delighted that Charles Faram chose us to be one of a handful of brewers taking part in a select series of international collaborations, spotlighting Most. Each brewery developed a different type of beer and we were very proud to be giving the lager portfolio. For Bohem brewers Matej and Jan, it was an opportunity to create a lager that highlights the light fruity characteristics of Most, including tropical fruits and strawberry, while still retaining the essential character and spicy finish of a classic Czech lager. Most lager has a grapefruit and melon aroma, with a complex taste profile for a single-hop lager. Initial ripe fruits contribute to a balance of sweet and savoury notes. A soft, full mouth feel and subtle bitterness rounds out a drinkable beer that tastes bigger than its 4.5% ABV.



Dry-hopped New Zealand Hops Lager 4.5% ABV, IBU 23

Named in honour of legendary New Zealand mountaineer Edmund Hilary, who, along with his Nepali-Indian colleague Tenzing Norgay, were the first humans to climb Mount Everest. Pilsner malt combined with the Kiwi hops Rakau & Moutere produce a taste as clean and fresh as the mountain air, and, at only 4.5%, it won’t leave you feeling as woozy as altitude sickness!



Slovak Lager, 4.7% ABV, IPU 15

In 2019, Bohem co-founder Zdenek took over National House, the first Czechoslovakian restaurant in the UK, which was set up after WW2, initially mainly for the war veterans. He re-branded it as Bohemia House ( and maintains 2 permanent Bohem lines at the bar. He wanted to pour a Slovak style beer, so we developed Moric in consultation with Bohemia House’s Slovakian customers. We used Pilsner & Munich malts and Saaz & Hersbrucker hops and hope that Moric honours our Slovak friends, almost 30 years after the Velvet Divorce.

Druid Bohem Brewery Beer


Black lager, 5.7% ABV, IBU 24

A Czech take on the classic German Schwarzbier style, this is a complex, smooth drinking black lager, with a rich roast coffee and earthy hoppy nose. Flavour has dark chocolate, sweet treacle and dark plum notes. The soft lingering dry finish has complementary roast and sweet character. At 5.7%, it is a perfect blend of full-bodied taste and smooth creaminess in the mouth.

Otakar beer


Brut Lager, 6.4% ABV, IBU 25

Otakar Brut Lager has been brewed by Roger Ryman, the award-winning head brewer at St Austell, and Petr Skocek, co-founder and head brewer of London-based Bohem Brewery, which brews authentic Bohemian-style lagers on bespoke brewing equipment from the Czech Republic. Also on the team was Bohem brewer, Matej Krizek.

The collaboration brewing day in January saw Roger transport the yeast used to brew St Austell Brewery’s Korev lager to Bohem in London. The recipe, originally developed for a one-off beer called Korev Brut, was given a new twist by being brewed by Roger and Petr on Bohem’s specialist decoction brewing kit.

The result is Otakar Brut Lager, a 6.4% ABV beer authentically lagered at low temperature for six weeks, and regally named for the several King Otakars, who ruled Bohemia, which is today within the Czech Republic. The beer is made with Pilsner, Cara Gold, Acid Malt and maize, along with Magnum, Hersbrucker and Saaz hops, as well as Nelson Sauvin for dry hopping.

Henry Bohem Brewery Beer


Honey lager, 6.6% ABV, IBU 12

A 6.6% Honey lager that is brewed with specially imported honey from a small family farm in Borsice, South Moravia. Subtle, sophisticated sweetness, that sits calmly in the background, and is complemented by a warming heat from this deceptively full-bodied strong beer. Henry is a serious, grown-up honey lager.


Czech Bock, 7% ABV, IBU 18

Agnes is a 7% Czech Bock, created when acclaimed Netherlands craft brewer, Kees Bubberman visited Bohem’s Tottenham brewery. We used Munich 1 as our base malt, along with Pilsen, Cara Munich 3 and Roasted Barley, as well as Tettnanger and Saaz hops, to come up with a beer that has the character of a great Bock, but also some of our Czech brewing magic in it. As a result, Agnes is a 7% deep chestnut coloured bock beer that oozes caramel richness, with a mouthfeel of praline creaminess. The combination of malts delivers a rich flavour profile, with the taste-buds enlivened by a crispness in the finish, while the hop flavour bringing drinkability to this full bodied collaboration beer. The beer is named for Agnes of Prague, a medieval Bohemian princess known for her good works and charitable outlook, and we hope that Bohem and Brouwerij Kees have done her proud.

Vasco Bohem Brewery Beer


Double India Pale Lager, 7.4% ABV, IBU 55

This full flavoured 7.4% DIPL (Double India Pale Lager) delivers a taste adventure through its use of British, Czech and US hops. The combination of Admiral, Kazbek, Jarrylo, Simcoe, and Mosaic complements a full aromatic front-end with a balanced resinous hoppy finish, achieved through a full eight weeks of lagering in our fermenters.

We are Czechs, brewing traditional Bohemian recipes, in London, using bespoke, imported Czech equipment from Prostejov.