Traditional Bohemian-style lagers,
brewed by Czechs, in London

About Us

Bohem Brewery was founded in early 2017, by Petr Skocek and Zdenek Kudr.

We are Czech expats, exclusively brewing traditional Bohemian lagers, in London.

Bohem only brew lager, using the decoction method, on bespoke brewing equipment, which was specifically designed for that style and manufactured for Bohem, in the Czech Republic. We understand that we are the only UK brewery following all these steps.

This, along with the expertise of Czech-trained brewers, means the Bohem beers brewed in London are every bit as authentic and full-flavoured as any that come from the Czech homeland, whilst the British location has significant advantages: It means that the beers have notched up far fewer food miles, making an important contribution to sustainability. The beer is fresher so tastes better and the vastly reduced transport costs are passed onto the customer. Venues also have the reassurance that popular beers can be restocked quickly, without the need to wait for imports.

Bohem could not keep up with demand at our old brewery in Whittington Road, so moved into new premises on an industrial estate on West Road, N17, in January 2018, with the official opening in June.

We imported a new, bespoke brew-house, standard fermenters and conical tanks from Prostejov, in the Czech Republic, and hired a new brewer, from Brevnov Monastery Brewery.

In 2022, demand for Bohem beers was far exceeding supply so we doubled the brewing and tripled the fermenting capacity. Again, all the equipment was custom-made for Bohem, by a Czech manufacturer, in Prostejov.

Presently, Bohem are expanding their retail outlets. Please follow us on Twitter (SET LINK to Twitter) & Instagram (SET LINK TO IG) for opening news.

Our ethos is to treat lager with the respect it deserves.

As such, we only work with high-end beer retailers, who can store and serve the beer properly, and have enthusiastic and trained staff, who can pass that knowledge onto their customers. You can see a sample of our client list on this site.

The Team

Petr Skoček

Co-founder and Member of Board of Directors

Petr is originally from Pilsner, so no prizes for guessing his favourite beer style!

He moved to London in 2005, after graduation. Petr’s original goal was the USA, but his father had a friend in the UK, who could arrange work, and he’s been here ever since! After moving to London, Petr found British pub beer too expensive, so started home-brewing in 2012.

He met Zdenek at a party in late 2015, and was able to proudly confessing that he had brewed the beer they were both enjoying!

That meeting would eventually lead to Bohem’s birth…

Petr moved back to the Czech Republic, in autumn 2020, after the birth of his first child, so that the grandparents could enjoy (Ed’s note: “& help”!) with the boy’s upbringing. He remains on the Bohem Board and actively participates in strategic planning and decisions.

Petr Skocek

Zdeněk Kudr


Zdeněk drove trucks across Europe, before he followed his heart, and moved to London in 2010 to pursue a romantic relationship.

Although that liaison didn’t last, he fell in love with The Big Smoke instead and stayed, ultimately starting his own Lettings agency for Czechs and Slovaks arriving in the capital.

After the fateful party above, he provided the organization and entrepreneurial drive to combine with Petr’s brewing skills.

Zdeněk left Bohem in 2019, when he had the opportunity to take over the bar at National House, the first Czechoslovakian restaurant in the UK, which was set up after WW2, initially mainly for the war veterans. He re-branded it as Bohemia House and maintains 2 permanent Bohem lines, at the bar. He has retained all his original Bohem shares, and subsequently invested more in the 2022 expansion.

Zdenek Kudr

Matěj Křížek

Head Brewer

Brewmaster Matěj joined us from Břevnov Monastery Brewery, one of the oldest micro-‘s in the Czech Republic, when Bohem expanded into the new premises in Tottenham.

At High School, he gained his Maturita certificate, similar to A-Levels, in Food Technology, specializing in brewing beer. Upon joining Břevnov, Matěj brewed many different styles but found he was particularly excited by lagers, and so wanted to specialize in that area.

Matej worked at the brewery, in close partnership with Petr. We had no hesitation in promoting him to Head Brewer, when Petr had to return to the home country, for personal reasons.

If you would like to stock Bohem, please get in touch with Matěj, using these details: Contact

Matěj Křížek

Abe Haberle

Abe is our Chief Tapster, or Hlavní Výčepní

Abe is from Prague and joined Bohem Tap Room 3 years ago, working part-time, covering Marek, on his day off and holidays.

Bohem believe in promoting from within, whenever possible, and, as with Matej’s ascension to Head Brewer after Petr left, we had no hesitation in elevating Abe to Tap-room manger, after Marek moved on.
Abe studied literature at college and has worked in hospitality most of his life, in a wide variety of different cuisines that London has to offer. Marek passed on his immense Tapster knowledge and trained Abe in all the Czech pours, which you can continue to enjoy at the Bohem Tap Room.

Abe is a fan of most music , particularly ska, but his real forte is languages: he speaks dozen, and is fluent in 4, so hopefully it will be even easier to order a beer for more people!

Ultimately, Abe will help manage the expansion of further retail sites.

Abe Haberle

Marek Průša

Marek was our original Chief Tapster, or Hlavní Výčepní

“Quality beer consists of 3 inseparable parts: the brewer, the line and the Tapster”.

He is a Certified Pilsner Urquell Tapster and has over 20 years experience in the Czech Republic, and latterly at Galvin Hop in Spitalfields.

Marek currently runs our tap-room in Myddleton Road, where he will gladly demonstrate the four different pours of lager in the Czech Republic, each with increasing amounts of foam and decreasing amounts of natural CO2 in the beer.

Marek returned to Prague, in autumn 2023, for personal & family reasons.

Marek Průša

Jan Svatek


Jan is from Votice, a small town in the Benešov District of central Bohemia.

He moved to London in 2016 and loved drinking Bohem’s beers. He quickly became a regular in the Tap-room, often to be found playing chess against Petr, before joining us, when the co-founder returned to Prague.

Jan is an exceptional home cook and he has utilised that creative talent, rapidly become a great brewer and an extremely valuable member of Bohem’s team.

Jan Svátek

People are the key asset for any business and therefore our team are able to share in the future success of the Brewery by participating in an employee share-ownership plan. They are all paid the London Living Wage.