Traditional Bohemian lagers, brewed by Czechs, in London

Traditional Bohemian-style lagers,
brewed by Czechs, in London

At Bohem, we know how dificult it is to go through these hard times. And we also know that nothing can replace properly poured beer straight from the tap. That’s why we’ve worked hard to bring back our 10 litre reusable kegs.

They can be filled with any of our beers, just before they are delivered. This gives them maximum freshness and you can start drinking the beer immediately.

Since the kegs have their own in-built CO2 supply, the beer doesn’t go off. It will taste just as good after one week as it does the first time you pull the lever. 
We care very much about every single one of our customers and at this difficult time, by ordering these kegs, it’s the best way that you can support us. 
Cheers and “Na Zdraví”