Bohem Brewery Lager Manifesto


Bohem Brewery has an unwavering commitment to brewing the lagers that London deserves to be drinking.

Lager has had a bad reputation for too long in the UK. All lager, regardless of quality, is too easily associated with the cheap and fizzy liquid produced by major brewers and dismissed by CAMRA. The media still uses the term ‘lager louts’ to describe any alcohol-related disorder.

However, in the Czech Republic, lager is rightly celebrated for quality. Bohem Brewery believes that the same quality standards should be applied in the UK, and is making its Quality Pledge through the Bohem Lager Manifesto.

It is not helpful for consumers that the term ‘lager’ is applied to such a wide range of products of differing quality. In the absence of EU appellation regulation being applied to the traditional lagering method for beer, as it is to Champagne and other food and drink, we are making the Quality Pledge for our own products and production.

In accordance with the Bohem Lager Manifesto, for all our lagers we guarantee:

  1. There are no additives, including no added sugar.
  2. There is no forced carbonation.
  3. Our brewing equipment is a bespoke design for brewing lager, manufactured in the Czech Republic.
  4. Decoction mashing means the grains are boiled and returned to the mash to impart the distinctive malty flavours.
  5. Our lager is unfiltered and unpasteurised.
  6. We only use specialist malts designed for brewing lager.
  7. Our lager is always bottom-fermented using specialist lager yeast.
  8. We do not use high-gravity concentrate.
  9. The beer is lagered in a precise temperature-controlled fermenter.
  10. All our beers are lagered for a minimum of five weeks.

We only work with beer retailers who can store and serve the beer properly, and have enthusiastic and trained staff, who can pass that knowledge onto their customers. We can’t speak for anyone else, but we guarantee that Bohem Brewery lager is always authentic lager.