Traditional Bohemian-style lagers,
brewed by Czechs, in London

Czech Pour

“Kvalita točeného piva závisí na 3 neoddělitelných faktorech. Sládkovi, čistých trubkách a Výčepním.”
“Quality beer consists of 3 inseparable parts: the brewer, the line and the Tapster.”

In the Czech Republic, the simple act of pouring a beer has been transformed into an art-form.

The Tapster, who should be specifically professionally qualified, is able to dramatically change the look, and, crucially, the taste, by how they pour the beer.

Using their skill, he, or she, is able to impart different flavors into the beer by how it is poured, leading to increasing amounts of foam and, correspondingly, decreasing amounts of natural CO2.

Czech Pours
From left to right, the 4 standard pours are:
“Čochtan” (Neat, or British style, with no foam)

We don’t recommend drinking lager this way, as it is too bitter!

“Hladinka” (Level, with a creamy big head; 20-25% foam)

This is the classic way of pouring a beer, for well-balanced flavour. Our bespoke, imported Bohem glasses have their British-law weights-and-measures line set for the Hladinka style.

“Šnyt” (Split, half foam/half beer)

This is an old-fashioned method which fell out of style, but is now deservedly making a comeback in the Czech Republic. Zdenek, our CEO, mainly drinks Bohem lager this way!

“Mlíko” (Milk, wet, almost entirely foam)

The last is utterly alien to British drinkers, but is designed for drinking as quickly as possible, on a hot day. It is sweet and creamy, and brings forward the Saaz hop flavours. The outlier British summer of 2018 was definitely a time for Mlíko!

Just as Riedel have designed a different type of wine-glass for every conceivable grape combination, then particular beers are best suited to different receptacles. Our beer-glasses are bespoke, exclusively designed and manufactured in Prague, for Bohem. They are the best way of drinking lager.

The pictures above are of that glassware, with the distinctive foam which really enhances the flavor of the beer. They can be found at partner bars and pubs who request them, at our tap-room, and at our brewery.

If you haven’t tried the different pour methods, then please visit our taproom in Bowes Park, and let our Chief Tapster, Marek Průša, demonstrate the four different pours…

Czech Pours