Bohem Brewery is delighted to announce it has made its first external hire:


Marek Průša has joined the brewery as Chief Tapster, or Hlavní Výčepní.

“Quality beer consists of 3 inseparable parts: the brewer, the line and the Tapster”

Marek is a Certified Pilsner Urquell Tapster and has over 20 years experience in the Czech Republic, and latterly at Galvin HOP in Spitalfields.

His primary role, initially, is to run the tap-room, at 120a Myddleton Rd, although it is likely he will improve his overall brewing knowledge and skills by learning alongside Petr, Bohem’s Head Brewer. Ultimately, it is hoped that he will actively manage the expansion of all the retail sites.

People are the key asset to any business and therefore Marek will be able to share in the future success of the Brewery by participating in an employee share-ownership plan. He will, of course, be paid the London Living Wage.

Marek has already been demonstrating at the Tap-Room the four different pours of lager in the Czech Republic, each with increasing amounts of foam and decreasing amounts of natural CO2 in the beer.

They are Čochtan (British style, no foam, 100% CO2 remains in the beer), Hladinka (Level, creamy big head, 70%), Schnit (Split, half foam/half beer, 50%) and Mlíko (Milk, wet, mainly foam, 20-30%). The last is totally alien to British drinkers but is designed for drinking quickly, on a hot day. It is sweet and brings forward the Saaz hop flavours.

Please visit the Tap-room and let Bohem’s Chief Tapster show how wonderfully different the same lager can taste in each of the separate pours.


Zdenek Kudr,

Bohem Brewery CEO