Bohem Brewery has had a make-over!

I would like to introduce you to Bohem’s new design…

Kauf Creative has based our new logo upon the Czech flag, and incorporated our imported glassware, with the distinctive foam which really enhances the flavour of the beer.

If you haven’t tried the different pour methods, then please visit our taproom in Bowes Park, and let our Chief Tapster, Marek Prusa, demonstre the four different pours, each with decreasing amounts of foam and increasing amounts of natural CO2.

They are Cochtan (British style, no foam, 100%), Hladinka (Level, creamy big head, 70%), Schnit (Split, half foam/half beer, 50%) and Milko (Milk, wet, mainly foam,20-30%). The last is totally alien to British drinkers, but is designed for drinking quickly, on a hot day. It is sweet and brings forward the Saaz hop flavours.

We had a lot of fantastic memories with the old design, and it holds great sentimental value. Consequently, we will be retaining it and using it for irregular, special Brewers’ Release lagers.
These beers will be brewed on our old small kit from Whittington Road, another object of great significance in Bohem’s history.

These releases will be where our Head Brewer Petr Skokek, and his team, will experiment with weird amd wonderful new creative recipes.

I hope you like the new design as much as we do:We will be rolling it out across our entire range over the next few weeks….