Dear Bohemians.


Since late November, unprecedented demand for our beers has completely outstripped capacity. We have had to turn down pubs and restaurants that wanted to stock our products, and, worst of all, we have often not had bottles available at our own tap-room.

We appreciate that this has been unacceptable, and apologise to all of you that have missed out. We therefore decided to look for a new much larger brewing site. After six weeks of searching we finally found the perfect location for the next stage of our development and Bohem will shortly be brewing at Unit 5 Littleline House, 41-43 West Road, London N17 0RE.

The perceptive among you will realise that this is a stone’s throw from a couple of excellent breweries: Redemption and One Mile End. They have both been extremely helpful and welcoming, and we would strongly advise you to stay tuned for the collaborative events that we are planning, especially as all three breweries specialise in different types of beer, so there really will be something for everyone.

We took the lease at the beginning of February, and have been undertaking building renovations ever since. We will be brewing in Tottenham from late-February on the existing kit that will be transferred from the Whittington Road site.

However, the really exciting change will come when we start using a new Brew house. Our head brewer, Petr, flew to the Czech Republic last month to meet with the manufacturers. He then worked extremely closely with their design team, so that they have been able to produce a bespoke system for Bohem. This will be with us in early April and enable the dramatic expansion of production.

We plan to host an opening party to celebrate, the details of which we will be publishing shortly.

We are all extremely excited about this move, so thanks to all of you for making it possible, by loving our lagers so much.


Zdenek Kudr, CEO