Dear Bohemian friends,

Apologies for being quiet for so long, but we have been extremely busy with 2 major expansions:

Firstly, as you may know, we opened our own Taproom on Myddleton Road in April. It has been a huge success since its very beginning, mainly due to you all.

I would like to thank you for all your support with our initial planning application. It received a staggering 31 public comments, all of them very positive and supporting. I am sure that these comments were the main reason that the process progressed so smoothly, and that planning permission was granted only 31 days after submission!

I am even more grateful for your backing after we opened the Taproom. You are great customers and we are so glad that you regularly return. It means that we are doing well, and our beers are still interesting for you. We value this tremendously and can promise that we are not going to ease up our effort to remain attractive, by organising new events for you, as well as bringing on new tasty brews.

Thanks to that wonderful support, a situation occurred that we did not count on. Or at least not nearly as soon as expected. Due to increasing demand for our beers, we reached our production capacity very quickly, and, what is worse, were no longer able to offer you our beers in bottle. Simply you were consuming so much draught Bohem lagers that we had no beer left to bottle!

So, we had to make a hard, but inevitable decision. A decision we expected to make next year but not this. A substantial production capacity increase, the 2ndmajor expansion I mentioned.

Therefore, we stopped brewing for three weeks from the end of June. Three weeks during which we have had to re-build our brewery from scratch. We have built a huge, new cold-room, necessary for even better fermentation of our Lagers. We have bought brand new fermenting vessels from the Czech Republic and significantly increased our production capacity. I have special thanks for the building company that undertook all necessary building works on the site. During a very short time, they managed something that everyone else considered impossible.

It has been another four weeks since we have renewed brewing. We have now almost filled our new vessels up so that a very decent quantity of our lagers is slowly fermenting, and coming on tap at our Taproom. And not only on the tap. You will also be able to buy bottled Bohem beers at the Taproom and we are working hard so you could enjoy them also in other local bars, pubs and bottle shops.

Finally, we organised a fantastic Czech Lagers Tasting, as a part of the very prestigious London Beer City. Despite this being on a wet and windy Monday night, the taproom was full all evening, both with regulars and those trying Bohem for the 1st time. Thanks to all those who came and, also, to the organizers of the whole event- we were even lucky enough to be interviewed in the official programme!  We were extremely honoured and proud of this recognition, which has re-doubled our commitment to make lager, as a beer style, more interesting for the London consumer, and hopefully see Bohem one-day rank alongside the many great UK brewers, both traditional and craft. We fundamentally believe that lager can be an incredibly interesting and varied beer style and promise that we will not slacken in trying to prove that to others….

I would like to thank you all one more time for your unending support.

Zdenek Kudr, CEO
Bohem Brewery